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September 10, 2018

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd recently exhibited at PROPACK ASIA with great success featuring its new virtual reality and Avatar stand format. POLYtij ® S1i and S2i printers were exhibited using our new POLYtij ® freedom textblack inks, Hybridtij® semi porous and NA...

November 23, 2017

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd, a global OEM supplier of POLYtij ® HP thermal inkjet printers and inks is pleased to announce the release of our revolutionary high intensity black POLYtij ® freedom textblack ink.  

Using unique polymer thermal inkjet technol...

September 1, 2017

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd is please to announce the release of its new enhanced POLYtij ® V3.0ie ink.

The new enhanced POLYtij ® V3.0ie ink offers increased optical density, darker that the market non porous competitor ink in the market place. Important, the...

July 6, 2017

Mid in 2017, Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd released the world's first edible inks containing resins.

This means that POLYtrust ® visible and invisible inks for organic fruit & vegetables have "transportable" adhesion and can provide identification directly on fruit &...

January 5, 2017

POLYtij ® UV invisible ink offers HP thermal inkjet users the ability to print onto a wide variety of non porous substrates such as metal and plastics.

Utilising polymer thermal inkjet technology, POLYtij ® UV invisible ink offers a fast dry time and excellent adhesion...

November 23, 2015

Digital Ink technologies Pty Ltd recently exhibited at INPRINT Munich with great success.

POLYtij ® S3 printers were exhibtied using our new POLYtij ® UV invisible and yellows inks.

It was a great opportunity for our new French, German, Austrian, Swiss and Czech Republic...

July 18, 2014

A demonstration of a POLYtij ® S3 printer & V3.0 ink technology printing onto PE bags. 

POLYtij ® S3 printer & V3.0 ink technology provides a low cost and maintenance free alternative to CIJ printers for printing onto non porous primary packaging.

July 1, 2014

Multiple POLYtij ® S3-2 printers were recently installed on a 10 lane Staalkat egg grader with great success.


Using POLYtij ® V3.0i ink, this egg farm has installed more than 10 systems printing use by dates on gloss stock labels. Feedback from the customer is as f...

February 6, 2013

Check out our fun video "Ink heaven", we are sure that you will be laughing at the end of the video! Warning though our acting is terrible....

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