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Automated Box Tapping Machine

Updated: Mar 4

The Problem:

The customer was using CIJ printers which printed the message in dot matrix format and was difficult to read, it also required a lot of maintenance and occasionally there were ink spills which were costly to clean up.

Our aim

  1. Get a good quality print every time.

  2. Easy to use interface that is intuitive.

  3. Minimal maintenance.

  4. Minimise or eliminate any operator data input required.

  5. Minimise or eliminate maintenance and ink spills.


The Solution:

Install an illumex X2-2 head printer to allow a 25mm print height.

  1. Consistently good print quality which is easy to read.

  2. Eliminating any need for operator data input thus eliminating human error.

  3. Operator needs only to select the product they would be manufacturing from the menu and press print.

  4. No ongoing maintenance required.

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