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Automatic Label Applicator using a POLYtij S3i Thermal Inkjet Printer

Updated: Jan 30

The Problem:

The customer was using a CIJ to print batch codes on the label prior to the label being applied, one of the issues was the print was often difficult to read and the printer required maintenance on a regular basis, the other main issue was ink spills, due to the clean room environment they are in cleaning up ink spills was a costly exercise.

Our aim

  1. Ensure a legible print was achieved every time.

  2. Eliminate ink spills.

  3. Eliminate maintenance.

  4. Minimise or eliminate any operator data input required.


The Solution:

Install a POLYtij S3i Thermal Inkjet Printer head printer allowing codes to be printed during the normal production process.

  1. Consistently legible print.

  2. Ink spills were eliminated.

  3. Zero maintenance required.

  4. Operator needs only to input Batch code and press print.

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