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Flow Wrap Machine Application

Updated: Jan 30

The Problem:

The company needed to print best before dates and time stamp each product, they were using an outdated hot stamping machine to print best before dates and with this system they could not print a time stamp.

Our aim

  • Install a system that would print both Best Before Date and Time Stamp each product.

  • Eliminate daily maintenance and set up time.

  • Eliminate any operator data input required.

  • Produce a clear legible print.


The Solution:

Install a POLYtij S3i Thermal Inkjet Printer head printer allowing codes to be printed during the normal production process.

  • The S3i automatically the time ensuring time stamp was always correct.

  • No daily set up or maintenance required.

  • The printer automatically changed date and time so no operator input was required.

  • A clear legible print was produced on every product.

Flow Wrap Machine Application

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