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Thermo Forming Unit Application

Updated: Jan 30

The Problem:

The customer wanted to print across the web on a thermos forming machine and needed the ability to move the print for different products.

Our aim

  • Install a system that would print both Best Before Date each product.

  • Have the ability to print in multiple positions and move the print across the web.

  • Zero daily maintenance and set up time.

  • Eliminate any operator data input required.

  • Produce a clear legible print.


The Solution:

Install a POLYtij S34-4 Thermal Inkjet Printer head printer allowing movement of the heads across the web to suit various products.

  • The S34-4 produced a clear legible print.

  • No daily set up or maintenance required and the heads could be moved across the web as required.

  • The printer automatically changed date and time so no operator input was required.

  • A clear legible print was produced on every product.

Thermo Forming Unit Application

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