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Timber Application for Pallets

Updated: Jan 30

The Problem:

Our customer was stencilling information on either side of their pallets, they needed to find a reliable solution that would not only give them consistent print quality but would also require minimal operator intervention.

The current method required the operator to manually stencil the pallet on either side after production, this was both labour intensive and messy.

Our aim

  1. Get a good quality print every time.

  2. Easy to use interface that is intuitive.

  3. Minimal maintenance.

  4. Minimise or eliminate any operator data input required.


The Solution:

Install 2 illumex X4-4 head printers, with one on either side allowing the print to be applied during the normal production process.

  1. Consistently good print quality.

  2. Eliminating any need for operator data input thus eliminating human error.

  3. Operator needs only to select the product they would be manufacturing from the menu and press print.

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