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The unparalleled benchmark in non porous HP thermal inkjet inks
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Performance is Everything

Polymer thermal inket technology provides a number of superior performance characteristics over standard dye/solvent thermal inkjet inks.

Unlike competitor inks, polymer thermal inkjet technology relies on polymer resins for adhesion, not solvents by absorption.


This means that POLYtij ®  V3.0ie & POLYtij ® freedom textblack inks not only stick onto non porous substrates they are also hard to rub (+50) and scratch off making them ideal for most applications on plastic, glass and most metals used in the FMCG market.

We also have released our revolutionary new POLYtij® freedom    textblack ink which is a new generation polymer thermal inkjet ink that offers the highest optical density black of any thermal inkjet ink available in the world today.


Performance criteria such as fast dry times, high adhesion and rub resistance are critical for non porous applications when printing onto glass, metal and plastics (hard & soft).



Digital Ink Technologies offers advanced nano pigmented ink technology.


NANOtij ultra black nano pigmented inks offer edge precise print quality for documents and images with no more bleeding, smudges or undefined images making class A barcodes.


Enhanced yields of up to 50% less ink consumption is possible, whilst retaining consistently rich and saturated black ink quality.



Black means black.


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