New POLYtij ® freedom textblack ink

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd, a global OEM supplier of POLYtij ® HP thermal inkjet printers and inks is pleased to announce the release of our revolutionary high intensity black POLYtij ® freedom textblack ink.

Using unique polymer thermal inkjet technology, POLYtij ® freedom textblack ink offers unparalleled performance on glass, metal and plastics, the previous domain of CIJ and TTO printers. Unlike most other non porous thermal inkjet inks, POLYtij ® inks utilise polymer resins for adhesion, not solvents by absorption thus offering unto 400% higher adhesion than competitor inks.

POLYtij ® freedom textblack ink requires no wiping on continuous productions lines. Polymer thermal inkjet technology has amazing printhead recovery, thus maximising production uptime.

600dpi on glass sheet

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