POLYtij ® S3 printer using V3.0i ink on Staalkat egg graders

Multiple POLYtij ® S3-2 printers were recently installed on a 10 lane Staalkat egg grader with great success.

Using POLYtij ® V3.0i ink, this egg farm has installed more than 10 systems printing use by dates on gloss stock labels. Feedback from the customer is as follows:

" We run the lines on average 6 hours a day. The systems print well and the control operation is very simple. Our operators love the printers. All they do is wipe the head in the morning and leave it alone all day. After lunch they do one print and off they go. Shutdown is a breeze. Turn of the printer and palce the cartridge in the clip.....simple!

egg carton coding.jpg

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