The unparrelled benchmark in

non porous HP thermal inkjet inks

The unparrelled benchmark in

non porous HP thermal inkjet inks

Digital Ink Technologies offers advanced polymer thermal ink technology.

Polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins. Unlike competitor inks, polymer thermal inkjet technology relies on polymer resins for adhesion, not solvents by absorption.


This means that POLYtij ® V3.0ie ink not only sticks  onto non porous substrates, they are also hard to rub (+50) & scartch& scratch off making them ideal for most 

applications on plastic, glass and most metals used in the FMCG market.

We also offer an extensive range of innovative porous inks including our new HYBRIDtij ® and NANOtij ® ULTRA inks.

These inks offer the ability to print onto semi-porous and porous cardboard and paper with high intensity blackness.

We also offer an innovative range of EDIBLEtij ® HACCP direct food contact inks and our exciting POLYtrust ® HACCP visible & invisible inks for fruit & vegetables, baked products and confectionary. 

 Polymer molecule

Application Videos

POLYtij S3 ® printer printing onto

fruit PET clamshells

POLYtij S3 ® printer printing onto

wet PET water bottles

Tradeshows 2018

Digital Ink Technologies will be exhibiting polymer thermal inkjet technology with our Master Distributors at the following tradeshows in 2018

18-20th September 2018

ABS Showgrounds, Auckland



Regal Packaging NZ LTD

14-17th October 2018

McCormack Place

Chicago, IL USA



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